Imtoken – 8 Quizów za które zgarniesz NFT

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Imtoken – 8 Quizów za które zgarniesz NFT

Dziś robimy quizy, których mamy aż 8. Wszystko, co potrzebujesz to Filiżanka dobrej kawy i smartfon w ręku …

Najpierw pobierz sobie aplikacje ImToken można to zrobić z oficjalnej strony jak i ze sklepu na twoim smartfonie

Następnie tworzysz portfel ETH jak i w późniejszym kroku CKB(Nervos)

Poniżej znajduje się link do strony z quizami oraz pierwszy quiz rozłożony na części pierwsze, przechodząc przez niego bedziesz już wiedzieć co jest 5

Czas, aby to zrobić do 01.07.2022

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Nastepnie mamy wytłumaczone czego można się w danym quizie spodziewać:
Single Choice – pojedyńczy wybór 5 zadań
Multiple Choice – wielokrotny wybór 1 zadanie

Lecimy z quizem

Learn and earn at imToken – imToken General Safety Knowledge quiz answers are given below:

1. You are invited to a Telegram group and its members are sharing that they’ve spotted arbitrage opportunities and taken the advantage of price differentials to make profit.

What would you do?
Correct Answer: Realize that this is a scam and report the group immediately

2. You have received airdrop tokens such as Doge, Shib, etc. in your wallet and the information contained in tokens states that you can exchange them for a commensurate amount of TRX.

What would you do?
Correct Answer:
Immediately realize that this is a scam and ignore the airdrop tokens

3. Someone claims to be an „imToken staff” and tells you that your account is frozen. He asks you to deposit a certain amount of money in the account within 24 hours to unfreeze it. Otherwise, your account will be frozen permanently.

What would you do?
Correct Answer:
Realize that he is an impersonator because imToken is a non-custodial wallet, so no one can freeze my wallet.

4. Someone sends you a link and offers you a very good investment opportunity: Deposit USDT into imToken and participate in mining or staking to get guaranteed daily earnings.

What would you do?
Correct Answer: Realize that it’s probably a scam and contact imToken officials in the App to check it out

5. You are making a transfer and the recipient sends you a QR code or link for receiving. Which of the following scenarios indicates that you haven’t entered a fake transfer page created by scammers?

Correct Answer: The transfer page has a scan icon in the top right corner

6. What are the following common scams?

(Multiple choice) Correct Answer:
ALL (Over-The-Counter (OTC) Trading and Arbitrage,
Fake officials,
Fake QR codes,
Fake wallet and airdrop

Poprawne odpowiedzi w formularzu, pamiętaj aby podać adres ERC20 z portfela imtoken na który chcesz odebrać NFT

Ilość poprawnych odpowiedzi

Kolejny QUIZ

Learn and earn at imToken – imKey

Which of the following connection methods does imKey Pro support?
Bluetooth and USB

Which of the following descriptions is incorrect?
imKey Pro enables data interaction with imToken via the Internet

Which of the following situations will result in the loss of digital assets?
The loss of mnemonic

What Layer 2 networks does imKey Pro support?
All of the above

Which of the following actions will cause the mnemonic to be less secure?
Import the mnemonic generated by imKey Pro into a hot wallet

Which of the following information should I back up when creating an imKey Pro wallet?
(more than one answer)

PIN [ Correct Answer ]
Binding code [ Correct Answer ]
Mnemonic [ Correct Answer ]

Which of the following is the correct way to use imKey Pro?(more than one answer)

Correct Answer:
Set a strong PIN,
Accurately write down the binding code and keep it in a safe place,
Back up the mnemonic carefully and keep it in a safe place
imKey Pro needs to check the irreversible seal before using it for the first time 

Learn and earn at imToken – Celer

Celer cBridge is a protocol that:
Correct Answer: All of the above

Which is NOT true of cBridge?
Correct Answer: The transfer fees go directly to the Celer team

How many different blockchains and layer-2 rollups does cBridge support?
Correct Answer: Over 30

What are the two bridging models on Celer cBridge?
Correct Answer: xLiquidity and xAsset

What is an attribute of Celer cBridge?
Correct Answer: All of the above

What’s INCORRECT about Celer’s State Guardian Network (SGN)?
Correct Answer: A validator node can act maliciously toward the network without being punished.

Learn and earn at imToken – WePiggy

Which of the following is NOT the correct URL of WePiggy [ Correct Answer ]

On how many chains did WePiggy launch?
12 [ Correct Answer ]

Which of the following is NOT the correct Use Case of WPC?
Dividend [ Correct Answer ]

Total supply of WPC is
8,000,000,000 [ Correct Answer ]

Which of the following is NOT true about WePiggyV2?
Fix WPC Reward Distribution [ Correct Answer ]

To ensure the security of the protocol, WePiggy pioneered the ? function to remind the user to repay their outstanding borrowings or add more collaterals in time.
Liquidation reminder

Będzie nam potrzebny adres CKB z aplikacji imtoken

Learn and earn at imToken – Nervos

What is the CKB storage unit called?
Cell [ Correct Answer ]

What is the current name of Nervos’ mainnet?
Mirana [ Correct Answer ]

How does Nervos solve the scalability challenge?
Layered architecture [ Correct Answer ]

There is a common cross-chain protocol in Nervos Network, which is ____?
Force Bridge [ Correct Answer ]

Godwoken is the evm-compatible Layer2 high-performance framework on Nervos. What is the expansion solution of Godwoken?
Rollup [ Correct Answer ]

Godwoken is secured by _______, and _______ ensures high throughput and security at Layer 2.
Nervos Layer1,Optimistic Rollup [ Correct Answer ]

_______ is a solution for Ethereum compatibility on CKB.
Polyjuice [ Correct Answer ]

CKB’s base issue will be halved for the first time in ______ (which year)?

Podajemy adres ERC20

Podajemy adres CKB

Learn and earn at imToken – O3 Swap

What is the name of O3 Swap V2?
O3 Interchange [ Correct Answer ]

Which of the following can support the cross-chain function of asymmetric assets?
Swap [ Correct Answer ]

How much time do you need to complete one swap?
Transfer arbitrary assets on the source chain for the network fee of the target chain. [ Correct Answer ]

Which of the following is NOT on the O3 interchange (O3 Swap V2) initial support list? 
Solana [ Correct Answer ]

Which of the following is NOT in the first batch of LP pools?
LP-BNB [ Correct Answer ]

What is the name of the project token of O3 Interchange?
O3 [ Correct Answer ]

What is the name of the cross-chain liquidity pool model based on AMM and Trustless launched by O3 Interchange?
NPAPs [ Correct Answer ]

Where does the official repurchase fee for O3 come from, and what is the ratio of destruction after repurchase?
The trading fee, 80% [ Correct Answer ]

Why is O3 Interchange called a cross-chain DEX?
Aggregating multiple DEXs of source chain + target chain [ Correct Answer ]

Podajemy adres ERC20 i BSC – czyli ten sam w obu polach

Learn and earn at imToken – WOOFi

Which of the following is the DeFi platform under WOO network?
Correct Answer: WOOFi

Which of the following features is not a major feature of WOOFi ?
Correct Answer: Farm

Which of the following public chain WOOFi has not yet supported transactions?
Correct Answer: Solana

How long does it take the user to release the stake from WOOFi, and can he be exempted from the punishment of termination?
Correct Answer: 7 days

WOOFi provides cefi level liquidity on the chain through an exclusive algorithm. What is the name of the market making algorithm?
Correct Answer: sPMM

Which projects can become WOOFi brokers?
Correct Answer: All the above are OK

On Fantom, WOOFi had a trading volume of more than US $2.6 million and a turnover rate of 1031%, occupying a capital of?
Correct Answe: 300 thousands

Which of the following is a WOOFi advantage feature?
Correct Answer: All of the above

What is the current transaction handling. rate of WOOFI?
Correct Answer: 0.025%

Learn and earn at imToken – XY Finance

XY Finance’s any token one-stop cross-chain swap is called ________。
Correct Answer: X Swap

Which token does XY Finance currently NOT support?
Correct Answer: XY Finance supports all above tokens

Which network does XY Finance currently NOT support?
Correct Answer: Gnosis Chain

How does XY Finance guarantee best cross-chain rates?
Correct Answer: XY Finance aggregates multiple DEXs and bridges

How doese XY Finance work?
Correct Answer: XY Finance helps you bridge and swap any token with the best swap rate

Which role does the XY Token currently NOT play in XY Finance?
Correct Answer: XY Token is a bridge token to ensure users have an instant cross-chain experience

How long does a XY Finance cross-chain transfer take?
2 – 10 minutes [ Correct Answer ]

Could you set a slippage tolerance on XY Finance?
Correct Answer: Yes

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